Plan, develop, prepare, and conduct U.S. doctrinally sound, cost-effective military training and education for Western Hemisphere students while promoting democratic values and respect for human rights in order to foster cooperation among multinational military and police forces. Supports all TRADOC initiatives and policies and supports Combatant Commander Security Cooperation plans. Analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate (ADDIE) training and education executed by the school’s two teaching departments ensuring that the programs of instruction support COCOM priorities, needs of client countries, and reflect current U.S. doctrine.

SLT organization consists of a Leadership Development Division and a Tactics Division 


School of Leadership and Tactics (SLT) Course Listing
Leadership Development Division
Cadet Leadership Development

(SANweb: Cadet Leadership Development, MASL ID No. B176230)

Partner nation and US cadets engage and demonstrate leadership potential, team building, and cross-cultural interaction creating enduring partnerships through hands-on
tactical and leadership training.

Student Profile: Military: Cadet or equivalent – military or law enforcement.

Duration: 4 weeks, 2 days

Tactics Division
Operational Tactics for Hemispheric Security

(SANweb: Operational Tactics for Hemispheric Security , MASL ID No. B121427)

Students collaborate with multinational and multiservice peers while training to meet management and advisory roles, as staff members of a JIIM peacekeeping operations staff at operational and strategic-level focused on Peace Keeping Operations. Recognized by the UN Department of Peace Keeping Operations (DPKO) and the UN Department of Field Support (DFS). Most iterations of this course include a field research trip to the UN Headquarters in New York City.

Student Profile: Military NCOs and officers, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent

Duration: 9 weeks, 2 days

Medical Assistance

(SANweb: Medical Assistance, MASL ID No. B175350)

Course prepares security force service members to function in assignments that involve defense logistics planning, purchasing US materials and training, JIIM logistics supporting a full range of operations.

Student Profile: Military: Captain to Colonel military officers, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent.

Duration: 9 weeks

Joint Disaster Response Techniques

(SANweb: Joint Disaster Response Techniques MASL ID No. B174500)

The purpose of this course is to train security forces personnel in the techniques for military engineers on post-disaster operations, humanitarian demining, conventional demolition employment, mobility, and counter-mobility as part of crisis response activities.

Student Profile: Military NCOs and officers, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent.

Duration: 6 weeks, 1 day

Transnational Threat Network Intelligence Analysis

(SANweb: Transnational Threat Network Intelligence Analysis, MASL ID No. B129202)

Security force personnel collaborate with multinational and multiservice peers at the operational analyst-level in order to enhance students’ capacity to evaluate, analyze, and strategize.  Students accomplish this by applying various analytical techniques in an illicit trafficking operational environment.  Students learn to develop the commander’s situational awareness and employ specific intelligence techniques during tactical operations while effectively focusing on local and transnational-level organized crimes.

Student Profile: Military: Military NCOs and officers, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent.

Duration: 6 weeks 2 days