Plan, develop, prepare, and conduct U.S. doctrinally sound, cost-effective military training and education for Western Hemisphere students while promoting democratic values and respect for human rights in order to foster cooperation among multinational military and police forces. Supports all TRADOC initiatives and policies and supports Combatant Commander Security Cooperation plans. Analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate (ADDIE) training and education executed by the school’s two teaching departments ensuring that the programs of instruction support COCOM priorities, needs of client countries, and reflect current U.S. doctrine.

SLT organization consists of a Leadership Development Division and a Tactics Division 


School of Leadership and Tactics (SLT) Course Listing
Leadership Development Division

Cadet Leadership Development

(SANweb: Cadet Leadership Development, MASL ID No. B176230)

Partner nation and US cadets engage and demonstrate leadership potential, team building, and cross-cultural interaction creating enduring partnerships through hands-on
tactical and leadership training.

Student Profile: Military: Cadet or equivalent - military or law enforcement.

Duration: 4 weeks, 2 days

Schedule: 3 Iterations: Oct - Nov, May - Jun, Jul - Aug

*Dates are subject to change, please confirm and coordinate with your Country’s SCO.

Tactics Division

Operational Tactics for Hemispheric Security

(SANweb: Operational Tactics for Hemisphere Security (OTHS) (formerly known as Counter Transnational Threats CTT): , MASL ID No. B121427)

This 49-day course provides comprehensive and specialized training in countering transnational criminal organizations and elicit network operations at a detachment task force or platoon level. The course will emphasize tactical level planning, and command and control, during the effective execution of counter-transnational threat operations against realistic targets and objectives.

Student Profile: Military NCOs and officers, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent

Duration: 7 weeks

Schedule: 2 Iterations: Feb - Mar, Sep - Nov

*Dates are subject to change, please confirm and coordinate with your Country’s SCO.

Medical Assistance

(SANweb: Medical Assistance, MASL ID No. B175350)

This is course develops medical skills required of personnel serving in military or law enforcement units. Major subject areas include basic lifesaver measures; force health protection; treatment of complicated injuries; fluid replacement; splinting; cardiopulmonary resuscitation; combat trauma treatment; invasive skills; limited primary care; combat evacuation; and physical fitness.

Additional instructions integrate training on human rights; the rule of law; rules of engagement; due process; civilian control of the
military, and the role of the military in a democratic society.

Student Profile: Private (E-3) to Captain (O3) ; Career Field/MOS: MOS related to ground operations (no need to be in a medical MOS)
Experience: Must have been assigned to a squad or patrol ground unit.
Note: This course integrates demanding daytime and nighttime field training.

Duration: 9 weeks

Joint Disaster Response Techniques

(SANweb: Joint Disaster Response Techniques MASL ID No. B174500)

Training will include a combination of classroom & field instruction and practical exercises that develop and enhance the students competency to execute breaching operations and humanitarian assistance through urban search & rescue operations. The skills include mechanical, ballistic, and explosive breaching, identifying and performing high/low angle operations, confined space rescue, implement collapsed support operations, determine potential victim locations and remove victim from a collapsed structure.
Additionally, students will lift and move heavy loads as a team member, breach and cut structural components, and install/construct temporary structural support with shoring in an urban setting. This course does not include lessons in water rescue nor flooded environments.

Student Profile: Military NCOs and officers, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent.

Duration: 6 weeks, 1 day

Schedule: 1 Iteration: Mar - Apr

*Dates are subject to change, please confirm and coordinate with your Country’s SCO.

Transnational Threat Network Intelligence Analysis

(SANweb: Transnational Threat Network Intelligence Analysis, MASL ID No. B129202)

Security force personnel collaborate with multinational and multiservice peers at the operational analyst-level in order to enhance students’ capacity to evaluate, analyze, and strategize.  Students accomplish this by applying various analytical techniques in an illicit trafficking operational environment.  Students learn to develop the commander’s situational awareness and employ specific intelligence techniques during tactical operations while effectively focusing on local and transnational-level organized crimes.

Student Profile: Military: Military NCOs and officers, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent.

Duration: 6 weeks 2 days