Conduct professional military education to Western Hemisphere Noncommissioned Officers in the areas of Leadership, Counseling, Training Management, Warfighting Skills, and Staff Operations.  Develop NCOs to be tactical and ethical leaders enhancing the professionalism of the region’s security forces.

Director :  1SG Garcia


MSG Roy P. Benavidez NCO Academy (NCOA) Course Listing
SULC Sandbox
Small Unit Leader

(SANweb: Small Unit Leader, MASL ID No. B121431)

Students acquire leadership skills, knowledge, and experience needed to be first-line supervisors of small groups. Students will enhance critical thinking problem solving within a JIIM environment. The course will provide the three-to-nine person team perspective and build upon experiences gained in previous assignments and training. This course is not for military officers.

Student Profile: Mid-level NCOs – Corporal to Staff Sergeant, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent.

Duration: 5 weeks, 2 days

NCO Professional Development

(SANweb:  NCO Professional Development, MASL ID No. B179115)
(SANweb:  NCO Professional Development (English), MASL ID No.B179116) 

Course educates adaptive leaders to be critical and creative thinkers, armed with the technical, tactical, administrative, and logistical skills necessary to serve successfully as first-line supervisors of groups of 30 to 100 security force personnel. Students will enhance the 21st Century Soldier Competencies in critical thinking problem solving within a JIIM environment. This course is not for military officers.

Student Profile: Military NCO- no less than Staff Sergeant and no greater than Sergeant First Class, and Law Enforcement or Civilian Equivalent.

Duration: 7 weeks, 3 days

Senior Enlisted Advisor

(SANweb: Senior Enlisted Advisor, MASL ID No. B179118)

Course prepares senior enlisted security force personnel to perform at higher-levels of leadership in teams of 100 or more service members or in advisory roles. The course develops the tools to visualize, describe, and execute greater responsibility throughout various JIIM environments through the use of decision-making models and critical thinking scenarios. Students discuss ethical and human rights issues that affect the participation of security force personnel in JIIM operations. This course is not for military officers.

Student Profile: Military NCO- Sergeant First Class to Sergeant Major, and law enforcement or civilian equivalent

Duration: 10 weeks