After one year on virtual-mode, IACAP students return to WHINSEC

By Milton F. Mariani Rodriguez March 16, 2021

FORT BENNING, GA – Today, the Inter Agency Crisis Action Planning (IACAP) course returns to in-person classes after a one-year hiatus.

The in-resident course had been suspended during 2020 due to the COVID travel restrictions. In its place, the Department of Civil Military Studies (DCMS) established a virtual course to meet the student load demand during the last year.

“The two variations of the IACAP are the same,” said U.S. Army Major Assad A. Raza, course director.  He added, “the main difference is the conduct of the emergency response exercises with the City of Columbus Emergency Services.”

In its place, several videoconferences with International Subject Matter experts will be conducted.

Students will learn to function as advisors or planners in crisis management, during military operations, or initial response activities in collaboration with the interagency and multinational community during the five-week course

This iteration of the course has 17 representatives from the Colombian Air Force, Army, Police, and the Panamanian National Police. Students are scheduled to graduate on April 22, 2021.