WHINSEC T2NIA Students tackle the Fort Benning Leader’s Reaction Course.

By  Milton Mariani Rodriguez May 13, 2021

FORT BENNING, GA — On May 7, 2021, members of the Transnational Threats Network Intelligence Analysis Course (T2NIA) tackled the Leader’s Reaction Course.

“ The course is designed to encourage critical thinking in order to solve a situation at each of the stations,” said SFC Fredrick Sanic, T2NIA course instructor.

The course has a total of eighteen stations were teams are given the problem and they work together to come up with a solution. The T2NIA students engaged in six of those.

Sanic added, “students are given a set of resources and instructions, which they need in order to execute within a specific time-frame. The teams also engage in a friendly competition between one another to increase friendly competitiveness.”

“This is step one of their team building, as the class begins a phase where they will be required to do eight oral presentations as a team, ensuring each branch and different ranks are able to work together with one another” said Sanic.

The T2NIA course is an eight-week course where Security force personnel collaborate with multinational and multiservice peers at the operational analyst-level, preparing students to evaluate, analyze, and strategize. Students accomplish this by applying various analytical techniques in an illicit trafficking operational environment.

This iteration has 11 students from all three Colombian Military branches and National Police. They are scheduled to graduate on 24 June 2021.