Operational Tactics for Hemispheric Security
WHINSEC’s School of Leadership and Tactics old Counter Transnational Tactics (CTT) Course gets an update.

By Milton Mariani Rodriguez February 10, 2021

FORT BENNING, GA – Today marks day one of the OTHS course for 10 representatives of the countries of Colombia and Costa Rica.

The OTHS is an offspring of the CTT, where a diverse group of military and law enforcement personnel are trained in operations to counter transnational threats.

Much of the coursework is done in the field, working on techniques and tactics required to combat Transnational Crime Organizations and drug-trafficking organizations.

Partner Nation Instructor from the Brazilian Marines, Lt. Cdr. David Manhaes, explains, “The OTHS course now offers more training hours of Fast Rope Insertion and Extraction System (FRIES), Joint Interagency Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIIM) Seminars, and Advanced Marksmanship besides Small Unit Tactics and Infiltration Techniques.”

Manhaes added, “as with its predecessor, OTHS incorporates Human Rights training, Rule of Law, and Civilian control of the Security Forces as part of the training throughout the 10-week duration of the course.”

The students began arriving during the third week in January. They spent 14 days on quarantine, following current safety guidelines. They are scheduled to graduate on April 22, 2021.