By Adela Duncan February 19, 2021 

FORT BENNING, GA – During the week of 8 to 11 February 2021 selected Western Hemisphere PNIs conducted region familiarization with 1SFAB Soldiers at their training site on Kelly Hill.

The Soldiers are conducting training for future assistance visits to countries within the U.S. Southern Command Area of Operations.

One of the WHINSEC briefers was Colombian Army former Senior Enlisted Advisor, CSM(RET) Argemiro Posso. During his engagements with 1SFAB Soldiers he assumed the role-play of a distinguished visitor. This provided experience in interacting with high-ranking individuals in Latin America.

“ The interest of the Soldiers(1SFAB) regarding the information we provided was impressive. They are focused on their mission, and very involved in learning more about the countries they are to visit in the future, said Posso. “Amongst the questions they had, one impressed me the most. They wanted to know how the U.S. military is perceived in our countries. Likewise, how our military is regarded by our civilian population.”

During the exercise, WHINSEC PNI’s talked about their specific countries’ important issues regarding training. They also talked about the strategic and operational environment within their own borders.

COL Cenen Castillo, WHINSEC Deputy Commandant for Police Affairs added, “We briefed them about our countries’ challenges dealing with narco-traffickers.” Additionally, what our public safety entities are doing in the areas of training to combat these challenges, he added.

“You can see the 1SFAB Soldiers’ commitment to be a force multiplier for our partner allies in the region,” concluded Castillo.