WHINSEC’s Maneuver Captain’s Career Course students present their battle plans.

By Milton Mariani Rodriguez June 3, 2021

FORT BENNING, GA – WHINSEC’s MCCC students put into practice the knowledge acquired on Troop Leading Procedures and creation of Operations Orders (OPORD) during the first week in June.

The students presented their individual plan for their Company level culmination exercise, called Battle Forge. Three CCC instructors evaluated the Captain’s proposal delivery and products as part of their OPORD presentation.

Course director, MAJ Guillermo Romo explains, “They begin with a common core phase that levels-the-bubble on U.S. doctrine. As they enter the company phase, they go into Troop Leading Procedures (TLP) classes that walk the student through the TLP, while developing OPORD products along the way. The company phase has a number of levels were they are exposed to being a light infantry company commander; conducting a combined arms attack and defense; and a Stryker company commander. This last phase they use their TLP to plan, write and present an OPORD for an infantry, armor, Stryker organization.”

Those who successfully complete, move on to the Battalion phase where they learn about Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and how to function as a battalion staff officer.

The course is a 23-week accredited course trains and develops junior military and law enforcement officers (lieutenant to captain) to become creative, agile, and self-confident combined-arms staff officers and commanders capable of successfully planning and executing missions against an adaptive enemy. Students receive training in fundamentals of leadership, troop-leading procedures, and company- level operations in infantry, heavy, and Stryker brigade combat teams. Students learn to develop company-level plans for all types of organizations in various unified land operations environments. The student body includes U.S. Army officers and completion of this course awards Military Education Level F credit requirement for U.S. Army officers.

The class will culminate with a graduation on Aug 5.