WHINSEC Instructor attains the Master Army Instructor Badge.

By Milton Mariani Rodriguez June 2, 2021

FORT BENNING, Ga – On June 1, MSG John F. Martinez boldly ventured into where no WHINSEC instructor had gone before, the Master Instructor Selection Board.

The board was held both in person and virtually, with Master Army Instructor, SFC Jeffrey Parker, 1-11 AVN REGT, Ft Rucker , Alabama attending virtually via MS Teams; Dr. Claudia Veras Lithgow; Mr. Gabriel J. Ossa, board members; Mr. Wetzler as the recorder and the WHINSEC’s Center for Faculty & Staff Development director, Maj Rogelio A. Mata, as the board president.

During the board, the candidate is asked questions related to instructor competencies. The domains are; Professional Foundations; Planning and; Instructional Methods and Strategies; Assessment and Evaluation; and Management.

Under the Professional Foundations domain, the competencies are; communicates effectively; updates and improves professional knowledge and skills; complies with established ethical and legal standards. Under the Planning and Preparation domain; plans instructional methods and materials; prepares for instruction. Within the Instructional Methods and Strategies domain; stimulates and sustains learner motivation and interest; demonstrates effective presentation/facilitation/questioning skills; provides clarification and feedback; promotes retention and subsequent transfer of knowledge and skills; uses media and technology to enhance learning and performance; For the Assessment and Evaluation domain the competencies are; assesses learning and performance; counsel students; evaluates instructional effectiveness. In addition, under the Management domain; manages in an environment that fosters learning and performance; and manages the instructional process through the appropriate use of technology.

Vera and Ossa had two domains each to ask questions from. Parker asked questions from the Management domain. Wetzler compiled all of the board members scores and provided the results to the board who notify if the candidate is to be awarded the recognition to the board president. He (president) in turn, signs a memorandum for record certifying the recommendations of the event.

Martinez is the first instructor in WHINSEC’s history to complete all requirements and successfully be awarded the MAIB.

Currently, there are 60 Master Army Instructors in the U.S. Army. He is the only one at WHINSEC and Fort Benning.