WHINSEC is a complex Institute offering courses germane to the security needs of Western Hemisphere militaries, law enforcement agencies, and the civilians who work in the related ministries. Courses are drawn from proponent agencies within the U.S. government, and are validated and accredited by the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. Courses support the security cooperation plans of U.S. Northern Command and U.S. Southern Command.

Instructors of the courses include U.S. military and civilian instructors, and military and law enforcement Partner Nation instructors. All instructors are subject-matter experts in the courses they teach, and all must have completed some basic instructor training before getting on the platform to teach. They are also required to continue their instructor training while assigned here, so that most will have earned Master Teaching Credentials by the time they depart.

The U.S. military benefits directly from the Institute in two significant ways. The Command and General Staff Officer Course allows Spanish-speaking U.S. military officers the opportunity to get their required staff course done in a multicultural, multinational environment, with their peers from partner nations. The course at WHINSEC is precisely the same as the Army’s course given at the Army’s Command & General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., and its students receive their diplomas from the CGSC. During the 43-week course, with some additional requirements including a thesis, they can also earn a Master of Military Art and Science degree. The Institute also offers a Spanish language version of the Army’s Maneuver Captains Career Course that includes U.S. Army captains as students, again earning a required career step while developing relationships and cultural knowledge of their partner nations.

The Institute’s Interpretation and Translation Division translates or supervises the translation of all course materials so that Spanish-language classes may be taught from approved U.S. doctrinal sources. In addition, the division provides interpreters so that no matter if a presenter in a class of other event speaks only one language, the interpreter can ensure the English or Spanish speakers can hear in his/her own language. For information on any academic matters, please contact the Supervisory Training Specialist at (706) 545-7106.

School of Professional Military Education

Educates and trains military, interagency, law enforcement, and civilian personnel of the Western Hemisphere to be agile, innovative, and adaptive leaders.

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School of Leadership & Tactics

Plan, develop, prepare, and conduct U.S. doctrinally sound, cost-effective military training and education for Western Hemisphere students while promoting democratic values and respect for human rights in order to foster cooperation among multinational military and police forces. 

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Non-Commissioned Officers Academy

Officers in the areas of Leadership, Counseling, Training Management, Warfighting Skills, and Staff Operations.  Develop NCOs to be tactical and ethical leaders enhancing the professionalism of the region’s security forces.

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Center for Human Rights & Democracy

Promote, through international programs and partnerships, the education and training of human rights, rule of law, due process, democratic principles, international humanitarian law, and ethics, to military, law enforcement, and government civilians, that will enhance their professional competencies and strengthen a culture of mutual respect and cooperation. 

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Center for Faculty & Staff Development

Prepares our multinational faculty of excellence to deliver the Experiential Learning Model (ELM), a student-centric five-step transformational experience. CFSD places emphasis on supporting faculty with instructional services and workshops that strengthen research, teaching, and professional advancement.

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